Sunday, April 1, 2012


Middle of March I headed to Phuket for a friends wedding.  Almost straight after this it was onto Taiwan for a 10 day busy work trip, so this was the perfect chance to relax.  The calm before the storm!

Picture of the beautiful dinner tables the day before the wedding.

We arrived just in time to catch this beautiful sunset.

Flower necklace given to us by the hotel laying on my Balenciaga bag.

The day of the wedding, it was so hot we were given fans to keep us cool and little pots with petals in for confetti. Both are laying on my Lady Dior Clutch.

Beautiful mother of the bride and Hong Kong actress Xiao Fang Fang

For the day I chose to wear this Missoni dress. After the wedding we jumped into the pool on the resort as the band stopped playing.  Although it was late it was still so hot- The water felt incredible!

The day after the wedding we headed down to the beautiful Makai beach.

After the beach it was back to the amazing pool side room.. pure bliss!!

It was a short and sweet trip.  Can't wait to go back to see more!!

Next stop... Taiwan.

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