Sunday, April 1, 2012

Location scouting

Mid trip in Taiwan I took some time to go on a location scout with our associate producer and Director for our romantic comedy, Henry Chan, pictured here.  

We need to film under a waterfall so the first point of exploration was a location with a waterfall in a small village about an hour outside of Taipei. 

Time to take a closer look.  We climbed to the bottom of the waterfall to see if it would be viable to shoot there.  

Climbing back up.

For lunch we stopped at a small local restaurant.  This rice cooked in Bamboo tasted so good!

Next stop.. Matsu.  Isn't it beautiful...Wouldn't you want to watch a film set there?!

My room for the night, it definitely had character :)

Time to explore the island.

First stop, a beautiful temple. 

Taking in the peace at the temple. 

Discussing possible locations with Director Henry Chan

One real character we met along the way was this taxi driver.  We phoned her a couple of times to take us to and from places. She had a small TV in her car where she had a list of Karaoke songs. Her favourate was Lady Gaga! She covered herself up from head to toe to protect her skin from Matsu's sun.

A list of songs to chose from ~ It's a party car!

Matsu is filled with surprises.  We traveled to the top of the Island to see the old tanks still standing in the mountains.

At the edge of the tunnel in Matsu.  These tunnels were all dug by hand and took several years to make. 

One of my favourate things about traveling is the people you meet.  Here is film Director Henry Chan with a cute boy from the village. 

Two friends having a conversation over the home brewed wine. 

What a great trip and might be spending a lot more time there in the next few months when we begin shooting our rom com!! 

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