Sunday, April 1, 2012

Phoenix TV Awards

March 31st (last night) was the Phoenix Television Awards that I was invited to so after the Tanya Couture show on to Phoenix...

My personal highlights, Designer Jimmy Choo being honoured

And Jeremy Lin accepting an award. 

Thanks, Phoenix TV!

Beijing fashion week

I just got back from Taiwan in time to hit the last day of fashion week in Beijing.  I got a great view with front row seats at Tanya Couture.

The collection was a mix of Agent Provocateur inspired dresses, and evening gowns with a modern twist.  Mixed with lace and cut outs in the sides and backs of the dresses.

The collection also showcased some modern fairy tale wedding dresses

The final walk of the show

The designer taking her bow.

Till next year!

Location scouting

Mid trip in Taiwan I took some time to go on a location scout with our associate producer and Director for our romantic comedy, Henry Chan, pictured here.  

We need to film under a waterfall so the first point of exploration was a location with a waterfall in a small village about an hour outside of Taipei. 

Time to take a closer look.  We climbed to the bottom of the waterfall to see if it would be viable to shoot there.  

Climbing back up.

For lunch we stopped at a small local restaurant.  This rice cooked in Bamboo tasted so good!

Next stop.. Matsu.  Isn't it beautiful...Wouldn't you want to watch a film set there?!

My room for the night, it definitely had character :)

Time to explore the island.

First stop, a beautiful temple. 

Taking in the peace at the temple. 

Discussing possible locations with Director Henry Chan

One real character we met along the way was this taxi driver.  We phoned her a couple of times to take us to and from places. She had a small TV in her car where she had a list of Karaoke songs. Her favourate was Lady Gaga! She covered herself up from head to toe to protect her skin from Matsu's sun.

A list of songs to chose from ~ It's a party car!

Matsu is filled with surprises.  We traveled to the top of the Island to see the old tanks still standing in the mountains.

At the edge of the tunnel in Matsu.  These tunnels were all dug by hand and took several years to make. 

One of my favourate things about traveling is the people you meet.  Here is film Director Henry Chan with a cute boy from the village. 

Two friends having a conversation over the home brewed wine. 

What a great trip and might be spending a lot more time there in the next few months when we begin shooting our rom com!! 

Taiwan press conference

The day after arriving in Taiwan we had a press conference to announce our two upcoming movies. Here are some pics of the day.

At the press conference with United Talent Agent.

'Cheersing' our upcoming movies with our two film Directors, Henry Chan second from the left and James Yuan third from the left.  For the press conference I wore a Christian Dior dress from their new line and Peep Toe Christian Louboutin Madame Butterfly shoes (not pictured) 


Middle of March I headed to Phuket for a friends wedding.  Almost straight after this it was onto Taiwan for a 10 day busy work trip, so this was the perfect chance to relax.  The calm before the storm!

Picture of the beautiful dinner tables the day before the wedding.

We arrived just in time to catch this beautiful sunset.

Flower necklace given to us by the hotel laying on my Balenciaga bag.

The day of the wedding, it was so hot we were given fans to keep us cool and little pots with petals in for confetti. Both are laying on my Lady Dior Clutch.

Beautiful mother of the bride and Hong Kong actress Xiao Fang Fang

For the day I chose to wear this Missoni dress. After the wedding we jumped into the pool on the resort as the band stopped playing.  Although it was late it was still so hot- The water felt incredible!

The day after the wedding we headed down to the beautiful Makai beach.

After the beach it was back to the amazing pool side room.. pure bliss!!

It was a short and sweet trip.  Can't wait to go back to see more!!

Next stop... Taiwan.

Snowless in Stockholm

So, this will be the last blog catch up for 2011.  After taking a break from Beijing for Christmas I headed to Stockholm, to meet my family for Christmas. It was the second year in a row I have been but this time we didn't have any snow to speak of. Very unusual for Stockholm at that time of year. It was still freezing though, but just no white skies. :D Here are a few of the pics of my time there!

Soon after Arriving we headed to the Christmas market.  It's got such a great atmosphere and Glögg (Swedish Mulled Wine) they serve is delicious!! 

I went with two very tall members of my family.. At least you never lose them in a crowd!

The next day we walked to the Fotografiska to check out the Nick Brandt exhibition.

More freezing walking..!!

But it was so worth it, the Nick Brandt exhibition was incredible.  Brandt started out as a director and it was whilst directing Michael Jackson's “Earth Song",  music video shot in Tanzania, in 1995 that Brandt fell in love with the animals and land of East Africa.

The result was this incredible exhibition. 

See you next time, Stockholm..!! 

Paris... Here comes the fashion :D

One of my favourite cities in the world is Paris and I had an excuse to go by taking my mum away for her Birthday!  Here is a picture from the balcony of the hotel we stayed at.. J'adore..

I couldn't help but do a spot of shopping either, it's Paris after all!.. I headed to Christian Louboutin and bought two gorgeous works of art ;)

Firstly the 'Gilet'

Followed by the 'pigalle'

I have been wearing the 'Gilet' with tights and skirts, such as this leather Maje skirt that I also bought on this trip.  The Pigale go with pretty much anything and were a great buy!

For my wandering around the city for once I put my heels to one side and opted to wear my comfy Chanel pumps. 

And for my shopping fuel, a gorgeous Macaroon.. Delicious!!

See you next time, Paris'